Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm in the new Realms of Fantasy!

Okay, this is just silly. Three posts in the first five days? I'm setting a precedent that can only lead to disappointment for you, dear followers (I have 4 followers already, how cool is that!).

That said: I have news. I just received my contributor's copies of the August 2010 issue of Realms of Fantasy and it's got me! If you are saying to yourself: yes Ian, that's how contributor's copies work, then good--two points for you.

I'm the lead story, which is super-dang, with an accompanying illustration by Eric Fortune which is just awesome. Seriously, they told me it was a great illustration but that painting is no small amount of brilliant. Check out some of his other stuff at

This issue should be on the newstands any day now. You can easily get a copy from Indigo or Bakka Books. You can also check out the Realms website at "Super. Family." is a long short-story, 10,000 words, so you get plenty of bang for your Ian Keeling buck. Plus, three other wicked stories (and one's a zombie story, hey, hey, hey) and lots of great art and more. Grab your copy now or the zombies will.




  1. loved the short. Grabbed us a copy (of course) and my Dad one as he likes your work. Was sooooo disappointed when it ended. I'm totally left with questions and wanting, did he and his wife sort things out? Does his other child have powers? And many many more.

  2. Loved the story. It's awesome to see superhero stories displaced into familyhood and teenage angst.